57Everyone has heard about Feng Shui is a Chinese science about harmony with the environment and the ability to build your life in accordance with the laws of nature.

Meanwhile, in our Slavic culture also has its own system of ideas about the house. Unfortunately, it is almost forgotten and remain in our lives only as separate and superstitions. We know that you cannot sit at a corner table, leave through the door, lend a neighbor a knife and fork, sharp end and so on. Not knowing the truth, why do not. All these things are only a small part of the ancient science of spiritual development and interrelation of all phenomena and objects.

At all times the home of many of the rules was considered a nest, protected from inclement weather and evil. Not for nothing was a saying: “Houses and walls are treated”. The endless world of space our ancestors were closer to him through images, building your life in harmony with natural rhythms.

Getting to the construction of his house, both literally and figuratively, we can use many of the rules that guided our ancestors. Construction should begin after the new moon on the waxing moon. Simultaneously with the laying of the Foundation in the middle of the future of the yard, you should plant a tree. Previously planted birch and Rowan. All the trees in the view of our ancestors possessed certain qualities: ebony symbolized the ability of magic defense, oak – strength, and good fortune, pine – money and recovery, cherry – love, cedar – longevity, maple – love, and prosperity, and walnut – health.

Since time immemorial remained omen: to provide happiness and wealth, under the corners of the first logs were placed scraps of wool, grain, or money. Before tiling the ceiling, to the base tied twisted bear coat and a loaf of bread, a cake or a pot of porridge, and in the front corner has established the green line – it will “ensure” the health of the family.

A special place in the homes of our ancestors held the threshold, tall and strong, as under him, in heathen times were buried after cremation the ashes of their ancestors. And then the threshold has been regarded as the dwelling place of ancestral spirits. Still preserved tradition – on the threshold not to talk. Above the threshold of the front door to hang or draw a horseshoe, a symbol of happiness, or the Christian cross as protection from negative energies.

Entrance hall should be spacious and bright, because it will take guests to keep coming back tired from work, and through the exchange energies of the house and the outside world.

Windows also connect us with the environment, so they should focus on the Sunny side. East and South symbolize life and warmth. Wherefore it is better that the Windows of the bathrooms and bedrooms were all on the South and East, and the front door, kitchen, bathroom and toilet on the West and North.

The Central place in almost any Slavic house – kitchen-dining room (in ancient oven). It is always busy with the whole family at lunch-dinners, talking with guests, bring up children, “pour out” soul friends, and believed the home of the spirit-Keeper of the house – elf. Therefore, it is in the kitchen, sometimes the most intimate and “inhabited” place in the house must be nice and clean. Here at traditions you can hang symbols-charms: spoon, symbolizing a rich life, decorative keys – a symbol of the dowry, wealth, hatchets – sign of the pagan God Perun – the patron of the harvest, bells, whistles, blade, broom – protection against various ills, corn on the cob and caps dried sunflower “baby” charms and so on. A beautiful, and useful!