How to design the interior of the house is your Zodiac signPart II. The Element Of Air.

Continue to tell, how to set up your home so that it was comfortable and stylish, and allowed to enjoy life each sign of the Zodiac.

Part II. The element of Air in the interior.

Representatives of the “air” elements United by a sense of purpose, a catholicity, they always have a lot of interesting ideas and ambitious plans for their home, and other aspects of life.

AQUARIUS and the interior.

Vision, passion for experimentation and technical innovations are the main features of the interior of Aquarius.

Original thinking and the unpredictability of Aquarius contributes to the fact that in their house more often than other things appear futuristic design, furniture and accessories fantastic shapes and unusual colors.

A passion for technical innovations and all sorts of fixtures fills the house of Aquarius with the latest technology unique design and functionality.

However, Aquarius intuitively committed to all natural and natural.

This is reflected in the textiles, and the walls or floor, and furniture, as well as in the “live” sources of natural energy – the aquarium or indoor fountain.

Therefore, the ecological style in the interior or eclectics most accurately reflect the worldview of Aquarius.

Unacceptable for them obsession, any rules and predictability.

Among the most attractive shades for Aquarius can distinguish the shades of blue, from light to dark blue and metallic shades of grey.

These basic shades Aquarius gladly combine it with orange and purple flowers to create a bright and original interior.

Such combinations help Aquarius to think and a good influence on their imaginations.

Experiments in his house rather the norm for people of this sign, which often have colorful eccentricity, which is manifested, in particular, and in their home.

Aquarius, just need a space in his home.

It can find their harmony and nature, living out of town, but still a passion for service and technical progress contributes most home improvement in high-tech style.

At the same time genuine accessories, handmade Souvenirs and things of the most different styles and designs are sure to meet in the apartment of Aquarius.

Simplicity the interior is quite peculiar to the Aquarius, even if he does not attach any particular significance to his appearance.

In the extreme case, the Aquarius can be a fan of the classics, and his classic, likely to have a bourgeois roots.

SCALES and their interior.

Comfortable interior for the Weights, where one can feel the harmony and comfort, no extremes of extravagance in the setting.

The scales of true aesthetes who tend to symmetry, clean lines and predictable forms.

They always have a good feel of where and how I want to put the furniture, hang paintings or have area for relaxation.

The duality of the nature of Scales is very noticeable in the interior: they prefer a pair of things, even the quantity in the accessories or furniture.

The symbolism in the interior of their main hobby.

They can use Egyptian or Japanese style, or to create an interior according to the laws of Feng Shui.

As for the interior Scales mainly use calm colors in pastel shades, light green, pale blue, latte, pink and lilac tones.

Everything should be balanced in the house of Libra, so muted tones, bright hues and the lack of brightness Express the inner most attitude Scales.

As for the size of the rooms, Weights requires a certain compromise equilibrium.

They don’t like too much, but a tiny crowded little room, even the most intimate of them are available.

The choice of style in the interior is quite difficult for Libra.

They do not like to mix several directions, giving preference to either the classics or the modern or hi-tech, but often not able to withstand the unity of style on their own.

This is the sign, searching for interior solutions, often turning to designers.

Usually noticing your favorite thing or furniture that would successfully fit into the interior, the Weights are not able to stop their cost.

Generally, the typical furniture is not peculiar to the choice of Weights.

Most often, they avoid it, preferring something interesting, but without resorting to the extremes of extravagance.

In the interior of his house Libra most appreciate the sense of comfort and a reflection of your own personality.

Comfort and harmony in their homes coexist with a feeling of lightness and freedom.

The TWINS and their interior.

The most fickle and artistic mark, whose house can be decorated only complicated modern furniture that will not quickly become bored Twins.

Space in the house, functional interior and cozy atmosphere are the main priorities for the Twins.

The twins just need to set up your home so that there was a lot of nuclear grade, not bulky furniture, preferably, which can be transformed and bear two or three functions. Material furniture for Twins has no special significance.

Elements of decor should be such that it was possible at any time to rearrange.

The peculiarity of the nature of Twins is that they often need to update the interior, to find new combinations of textures and special colors. To feel comfortable in your home, the Twins must be sure that everything can quickly be changed in accordance with the direction of the ideas and mood for that today.

Distinctive shades in the interior of the Twins is a light yellow color, all shades of green and blue gamma, creamy shades, and combinations of them with bright colors-accents. It is their combination allow the Twins to create a trendy interior in your house and classic style, varying range depending on mood.

The twins gladly decorate your whole house different collections of decorative accessories and exquisite figurines.

Unnecessary items Gemini don’t like in the house, but willing to place exclusive things, perhaps made-to-order, or handmade, existing in a single copy, possibly decorated or painted by manual work, for example, a decorative screen or a chest of drawers .