positive Chi energyHow to build plot in front of the house? Ideally, the front door should be visible flat terrain and at home, are not sources of the Sha. If your door opens onto a porch with a few steps, this creates favorable conditions for the life of its owners. The path running from the gate to the front door of the house, should be given a meandering shape. For paving garden paths, it is desirable to use a stone, not curly paving slabs and natural, raw stone or skillfully executed imitation of concrete and stone chips. Flowers on both sides of the garden path will attract to the front door is an additional amount of positive Chi energy. But remember that wilted flowers, leaves and weeds as well as dead branches of trees, repel qi. If the center main entrance is located on the same straight line with the end wall in the driveway or vacant lot, to any other vacant space, for qi in front of the entrance will be broken.