How to cook dinner, how to organize your life how to distribute your budget The prevention of social orphanhood, as a tool of improvement of civil society discussed in the Public chamber of the Tambov region

Non-commercial partnership “Center of social support of youth", jointly with the Public chamber of the Tambov region held a round table” Prevention of child abandonment, as a tool of improvement of civil society".

«We will try to discuss the most burning issues commonly faced by graduates of boarding schools and orphanages. The idea is to understand all arose last year, when NP "Center of social support of youth" came out with a social project, in which we have organised for representatives of children’s homes, boarding schools», — the meeting was opened by member of the Public chamber of the Tambov region, the founder of the nonprofit partnership ” Center of social support of youth" Olga Plotnikova .

The main question that was usually discussed during the meeting of the round table — it’s post-orphanage support of children and the psychological, legal and other assistance that they receive.

Today in the Tambov region there are 15 Centres-boarding support that accompany 555 graduates. To learn about the situation in this area first hand for the discussion were representatives of Department of education of the Tambov region, volunteer groups of universities, employees of the Centres-boarding support, non-profit organizations.

«Today on the account in our center is 63 persons, and since 2011 a wide range of assistance we provided 250 graduates of boarding schools of the region», — said the head of the Center-boarding support, which operates on the basis of TOGBO "Comprehensive school-a boarding school No. 1 novel MP) Rev.

The main problem, according to Roman Vaganova, remains the lack of access to competent legal assistance, and the majority of questions that come children, associated with this. What benefits should be provided, if they have the right to receive housing, getting all kinds of subsidies — this is only a small part of what graduates without any professional assistance is simply not to understand.

In response to this information Olga Plotnikova said that today in Tambov Centre of free legal aid, in which it is traded, including the graduates of residential institutions.

Many problems and psychological in nature, says Vyzhanov: “Children brought up in orphanages, getting used to the dependency. We try to explain to them that now they must do on their own. While some of our information support for the help they do not believe. According to many of them, real help " material".

However, center staff meet regularly with their wards, often go home to them, look, in what conditions they live, how they adapt to independent living. Help to collect the necessary things, and even documents for admission to higher and secondary educational institutions.

However, as noted by the participants of the round table, each child needs an individual approach, which, unfortunately, in this situation it is impossible to implement. In many Centres employ not more than three—five people, providing assistance to several dozens of guys. In this direction it would be wrong to attract volunteers. Often graduates with the necessary support from highly qualified it professionals.

However, Tatiana Ilyasova . leading psychologist ’s Centre for development of family placement of children-orphans and children left without parental care "For the future", notes that if the graduates of orphanages for admission to educational institutions communicate more with their peers from intact families, and the socialization is much faster. Because often these children do not have even basic concepts — how to cook dinner, how to organize your life how to allocate your budget.

Great help in this case render active students. Examples of such work told Marina Yakovleva . Deputy Director of Institute of economy and quality of life of Tambov state technical University.