41Only when you receive enjoyment out of it can be considered that the work and you found each other. But here it should be noted that the workplace must conform to your idea of comfort, and most importantly, be comfortable.

And here is necessary knowledge on creating well-structured workplace. Office furniture is also important. Well, if you have an office.

The office of the head of any rank also requires a certain arrangement. Even the furniture for the office Manager produced a special. Although produced furniture for home and office.

However, we are simple people and wish to organize themselves.

You first need to prepare the workspace. Arrange existing furniture, if necessary, acquiring new. Think about the interior.

If you want to equip the office or workplace at home, in front of you with two options. It is possible to allocate separate room. And to allocate space in one of the rooms, there by establishing work area. Need to determine the items that you will need for the job. Select a convenient table, with top, of the envelope of a seated man. If you are using a computer, can provide a shelves for additional equipment and documentation.

Carefully decide on chairs. It should be comfortable.

Special attention requires the selection and installation of lighting. Lighting install on the left side if you are right handed, on the right side.