How to build your garden according to Feng Shui: attract good luck with plants If you decide that you don’t have enough energy, Feng Shui will help to compensate for its lack not only the proper arrangement of things in the house, and as a faithful planting the plants in your beautiful garden. Each direction on the plot correspond to specific flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees.

Design side light for your garden. Try to do it as if your plot has the shape of a square, mark the North, South, West, East. The following are guidelines which plants, in what place will bring you the desired result. There is no urgent need to take everyone’s advice, even doing one or two would work wonders.

South corner of your garden manages recognition and fame. Try to plant flowers mainly red color. Red and pink shades should prevail, but not only in them lies the secret. Fame will bring you these flowers: roses, violets (read more about violets ), poppies and bluebells. Trees: cherry. cherry. Herbs, berries and vegetables: anise, strawberry, leek, pepper. In this corner, the focused energy of the fire, hang the lamp, create a makeshift hearth or prepare a barbecue.


Southeast corner controls the marriage and the prospect of joining. Yellow color should be dominant. Emotional calm will provide such flowers: lilies, tulips. daffodils, asters, roses, hyacinths, orchids. geranium. Trees: willow, elm, plum. Shrubs, herbs and grasses: rye, juniper, lacricnik. Herbs: Basil, marjoram, dill, mint, rosemary, thyme. Berries, herbs and fruits: ginger, raspberries, tomatoes. chicory. This place symbolizes the mainland, it is appropriate to place a stone statue, a large stone or boulder.


West corner symbolizes fertility and children. Dominated by yellow and white shade. Flowers: lavender, cyclamen, Lily. Trees: oak, Apple. pine. Shrubs: hawthorn. Herbs: mustard, Catnip. Crops: peas, carrots, cucumbers. grapes. This area is known as Little Metal, the benefit it will bring bells or little silver objects.


Northwest corner manages helpful people and mentors. The prevailing shades should be white, yellow and orange. Flowers: iris, carnation, sunflower, passion flower. Trees: peach, beech, walnut. Crops: ash, clover, Cornel. Herbs: sage, mint. Vegetables and fruit: pepper, fennel, pumpkin. This angle is known as Great Metal chairs and table will bring help to your home.


Northern corner manages career growth. Predominant colours should be dark purple or blue. Flowers contribute to career: Camellia, honeysuckle, Jasmine, periwinkle, poppy, dandelion. Trees: oak, maple, poplar. Herbs: dill, Golden root, mint.

Crops: cashew nuts, rice, grapes, onions, oats, peas, wheat. This direction represents the water, the perfect place for a fountain or pond. Live fish will double your luck.


Northwest corner manages the education and wisdom. Dominant colors: yellow and orange. Flowers: Jasmine, marigolds. roses, iris, sunflowers. Trees: peach, acacia. Herbs: borage, mint, saffron, thyme, rosemary, cumin, mint. Crops: celery, grapes, onions. This angle is known as Low Earth put here the stones, a small altar or birdbath.


The East runs the family relations and health. The vegetation here should be mainly green color in the form of bushes and trees. Flowers: Daisy, convolvulus purple loosestrife. Trees: all trees especially pine and spruce, Magnolia. Crops: tobacco, hemp, hops. Herbs: lavender, sage, verbena. This angle is called the Great Forest, it was then, and should plant a big tree.


Manages health and prosperity, and must have, to the extent possible, green tint and be lush.

Flowers, producing prosperity: Camellia, honeysuckle. Trees: all fruit trees, walnut, oak, pine, moss, fern. Herbs: Basil, clover, dill, mint, verbena. Crops: lettuce, corn, peas, oats, onions. This angle is called a Small Forest, decorate it with a wooden windmills, swings, etc. everything that contributes to the rocking energy.