How to build the dwelling to the nerves it is not tugged, and comfortedPokleit Wallpaper, whitewash the ceiling, on the floor – parquet or linoleum. This approach to the arrangement of their own homes, many believe is too primitive.

Pokleit Wallpaper, whitewash the ceiling, on the floor – parquet or linoleum. This approach to the arrangement of their own homes, many believe is too primitive.

And in many different ways, not necessarily very expensive, make houses, apartments and offices into works of art that it is impossible to admire.

Really interesting work he is ordered rarely. But even in ordinary wrought-iron railings and window bars he tries to add imagination. Iron butterfly, as if alive. And this work particularly proud of: table, chairs, chests. All this was done in his small workshop.

Alexander Lysakov, blacksmith: “it is Important that in this environment, all natural, and perception changes. How can a person be rehabilitated from the city, seeing such a table, chairs, fireplace”.

The main task of the designers was raised in the house should always be warm. And it’s not heated and in comfort! Although the family home here put a real Russian oven. These curtains now not to buy: to order the old fashioned way knitting the so-called valances. Previously, they were in every home. For children special zone: more than a hundred pillows and also warm hues.

And Valery his house no one was trusted. Makes himself from the balcony, this air-conditioned cabin. Even the backlight chose blue color – wanted to create the feeling of ocean waves.

Valery Devyatkin: “I just want a place to get a real anchor. Here I will chain and he will hang around the balcony. How beautiful will see, I’ll drop anchor and enjoy it endlessly. But anchors don’t have”.

With the choice of gift friends now no doubt – giving attributes: a casket with a pirate bones, pictures of ships, shells, telescope. The pride of the collection is a real marine sextant.

Valery Devyatkin: “to Look at the sun and calculate the real latitude and longitude you will not, but just store, to admire, to hold in your hands”.

The primitivism of rock paintings in a new way and design a solution to this bedroom. Gypsum, coloured stone, convex animals, legs of chairs, like tiger paws. Psychologists believe that it is better to rest in a sand-brown – calm – colours, and to work in bright. Therefore, for the Cabinet was selected Chinese style.

Eugene Kokarev, architect: “the Synthesis of cultures, a synthesis of the arts, so it was not boring and that it represented a permanent interest. Each interior have a different culture there.

The overall style could be called eclectic, but as such a mixture of styles not. Each interior is insulated, doors. General only the color of the ceiling and floor. Vertically connects all the elements the glass staircase is already a very modern solution. To create a ladder it took 22 thousand glass plates with thickness of 10 millimeters. This design weighs 24 tons, despite the fact that unites all four floors, but if you look from the top down, the feeling that there’s at least twenty.

This house is in almost every yard. But here peacefully coexist conventional heating pipes of the boiler and the group “the Crematorium”. This is an office, Studio, and home.

Armen Grigoryan, the soloist of group “the Crematorium”: “Here are all the rehearsals, as a rule. We are here cases, recordable, draft records. That is all that then comes out in the form of plates is done here, it’s such a forge.”

On the walls a story of the group: pictures from concerts, gifts of fans, a huge collection bottle openers as a map of all tours. So many cherished things that without protection is not enough. Dogs, even wood, are on watch day and night.

Real shocking or pop art, the so-called style of this Moscow apartment. If in the gallery of modern art near the wall with graffiti, and extravagant black kitchen, turquoise curtains and pink chairs. Almost theater.

Rodion Demyanov, architect: “This is such a bright flashy style, that is, such items that catch the eye, but the outer shell she’s pretty calm. That is, it’s a quiet space filled with the elements.”

And the children of the true tale, as if by magic in a pumpkin in the center of the living room lighted star – constellations of all tenants.

Guest-in-Studio – Shamil Khisambeev, candidate of psychological Sciences, senior researcher at the psychological Institute RAO

Interviewer: What is the housing so that it may not drained nerves, but, on the contrary, gave comfort and peace, will ask senior researcher of the psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of education Shamil Khisambeev. Shamil Raisovich. good day .

Guest: Hello.

Host: every person who has in the city, though dilapidated apartment, can, in principle, to exchange it for a vacation home. What are the main reasons behind this move and what against?

Guest: first, the argument for sharing – it is the closeness to nature, this is an opportunity to harmonize your lifestyle. And the main disadvantage that it is usually far from the place of work and the necessary transport, and this creates many difficulties .

Moderator: the Majority of our citizens, unfortunately, live in rather straitened circumstances. As correctly, to organize a limited space, which is?

Guest: the Space should be organized so that it is as comfortable as possible, it is psychologically comfortable, as comfortable from the point of view of possibilities of recovery. If and to offer a single recipe, it is the division into zones, as it happens in other situations, there are functional areas: the working area, recreation area. It is clear that the difference between the kitchen and the living room should be. And there’s a completely different interior, a man filled with other sensations and experiences. Children – this is probably a psychological center of the home, a place where not only children are better able to grow and develop, but also where adults will feel comfortable.

Interviewer: let’s Say the family: mom, dad, children, and they have a two-bedroom apartment: small room, medium and large. I’m living under that child under. under the bedroom?

Guest: Under the bedroom, of course, in the small room.

Host: The smallest?

Guest: Yes, because when a person sleeps, it is provided purely hygienic question, airflow and so on.