How to build plotYou bought a plot of land and even built a house on it? How to equip the area? Remember that the main advantage of country life is surrounded by nature. That is why we must try to enter the site into the landscape, to choose a harmonious combination of areas with the house.

Fill the space with greenery!

Get a stunning effect of this green garden will allow hedges, lawns, vertical gardening and flower beds.

Do you think that the lawn requires constant care? If you will choose the right grass seed mixture, we can get rid of some problems. Pay attention to the Moorish lawn, the composition with the inclusion of white clover. They do not require frequent mowing, but always looks amazing. Besides, the lawn needs immediate attention only in the first year. This is due to the fact that the grass is not strengthened, it prevented the weeds. Then, when the flooring will be more durable, it will not require any difficult work.

Consider vertical gardening. You can build a wooden fence, to plant the plants near the house, so they can spin everything close to the surface. But remember that hops, for example, though unpretentious, but is aggressive, its growth is very difficult to control. Better use “parthenocissus” or other similar plants.

Want to please yourself and loved ones a luxurious flower gardens? Any garden will be decorated with ridges, graceful flower beds, mixed borders. Choose for flower beds many years of low-maintenance plants as the basis. In addition be sure to buy seeds of annual plants. They will allow every year to make a unique flower garden.

Placed on a plot of large shrubs and trees

Choosing these plants, remember that they give a lot of shade. That is why they should be placed where a lot of sun, which you want to slightly reduce. If your site is large enough, you can afford a real fruit garden. Put apples, pears, plums. Even if the trees will not bear fruit as you want, they will provide you with a unique opportunity to enjoy the fabulous spring flowering. If your site is a forest, you can safely do without trees and large shrubs. Shadow you will receive to the fullest!

Choosing furniture

The modern plot is hard to imagine without arbours, small tables and chairs, comfortable swing. Modern items for the garden are made of various materials, but remember that plastic is able to “cheapen” the look of your Hacienda. Do not take the funds and spend them on luxury rattan chairs, swing natural wood and other products.

Worried that because of the temperature extremes furniture will lose its shape and form? Not worth it!

Teak furniture, larch wood, rattan, for example, is the most reliable. It endures temperature extremes, exposure to moisture. Even with frequent use it will retain its appeal.

Consider the lighting. Add a gazebo or veranda, patio area brightness! Today in various stores presents exquisite lamps, stylish lamps, amazing lamps, which may be placed on the street and are resistant to numerous influences.

Equip BBQ area

In your yard is a barbecue and you think that that’s enough? No! The usual kebab today hard to impress discerning guests. And the family members will be delighted if you order, for example, luxury oven-tandoor. Now together with your family, friends you will be able to prepare not only fried the meat, and rice, surprisingly tasty and flavorful cakes and many other dishes.

Be creative, show your creativity! Don’t forget that the whole site is better to stand in the same style. In this case it will look the most complete and harmonious.