How to build attic spaceThe main element of the building is the roof that protects the building from atmospheric Vilani, and gives your home a unique look due to the shape and roofing. The roof can be loft without him, but our people a greater preference uses, attic variant.

The attic can be used for the storage of unnecessary things, or to arrange for accommodation. The last option will make the house a small bathhouse for which you will definitely need a wooden door to the sauna .

A warm attic is a guarantee of favorable climate in the whole house

A well-made roof is not only excellent appearance but also additional functional space that is also protected from the influence of weather conditions, and how the whole house. If the roof is made in accordance with all technological rules, the life of the building increases significantly, as with protection from moisture and cold wooden floors that will be exposed to Pletneva fungus and rot. If the roof and insulate, then saving money on home heating will be provided, it is no secret that half of the heat escapes through the roof.

The attic and roof can be insulated with polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, expanded clay, slag, mineral or basalt wool – all of these heaters are ideal for this purpose. Of course, can only insulate the attic floor, with the result that the house will become warmer, but the attic will be cold. When insulating a roof and the house, and the attic will be warmer, and the attic can be turned into living space. The roof insulation without vapor barrier is impossible, as in this case, leaks and high humidity. The use of a vapor barrier will protect the material used for the insulation and rafters from the influence of aggressive environment. The foil is made before installation of insulation and on top of it, and its reliability and quality is already proved in many construction projects.

Properly designed attic space not simply will retain warm climate in the home, saving on heating costs, but also will provide additional space for storing all sorts of unnecessary things or to live in.