How to build a Feng Shui workplace A third of his life most people spend at work. And some pay even more of their time! Therefore the Feng Shui workplace in General and Feng Shui desktop in particular are important not only for career growth but also for General good health. Read a few recommendations how to equip your workplace with the point of view of Feng Shui, auspicious Qi helped you in your work.

How to choose a good location for a Feng Shui workplace

It is obvious that the work is active, Yang activity. So the interior should be too Yang. This includes good sunlight and bright light colors in the interior. If you work from home, highlight your office premise, which is closer to the main entrance.

Feng Shui desktop will not be too good, if you sit on the direct flow of energy, Qi, that is, from the front door to the window or another door (if available). Put your desktop a little bit diagonally from the entrance, and in this case, close the blinds. If a permutation can be done, use the music of the wind. to dispel the sharp flow of Qi.

Position yourself so that sitting and working you could see the front door to the office or your personal account. If the door will be behind you, you will be hard to focus on work, partly because the attention will shift back. Do not also sit with your back to the window, try to sit so that the window could be kept in view – sideways, or person. But what should be behind – so it’s a wall or something, giving support, confidence and stability. You can also put back the picture with the images of the majestic mountains to enhance the effect.

How to create the right Feng Shui desktop

Having dealt with the location of the workplace, now create good Feng Shui desktop. The table should be so that sitting at work, you would have looked in front of him in a favorable direction Kua number. If you work in a busy office, and you have no way to rearrange the table, then expand at least your chair at an angle so that your favourable side appeared in front of your eyes. The chair, by the way it is better to have a high solid back and armrests.

When you work, you should not threateningly to watch the sharp corners of furniture, and absolutely can not choose a place to work under overhanging beams.

If you have to sit that way, then drape them with cloth or plants. Or at least pull the thick fleecy wool thread along sharp corners. These measures will help to improve the Feng Shui desktop . if there is no way to change seats.

Around your work Desk should be provided with free access from several sides, it symbolizes the future and a wide range of opportunities for business. To face the blank wall is not recommended from the point of view of Feng Shui, and from the perspective of psychology – this leads to isolation. If this can not be avoided, then hang it on the wall a picture which shows a large flowering fields or harvest. Then your luck will flourish and “ripe”, and you probably will reap the benefits!

To bring more harmony in Feng Shui desktop you can still use the computer to put beautiful Wallpaper on the monitor. They further attract auspicious Chi.

F EN Shui will give you more help if you use different characters. Attach important papers ancient Chinese coin lucky. Another wonderful means – mythical creature with the body of a tortoise and the head of a dragon. Keep it on the desktop, not directly in front but somewhat to the side, and then before you encounter the prospects for rapid career growth.

Observing these simple rules and by establishing a good Feng Shui workplace . you’ll get that auspicious Qi will fill you with energy while you work. Isn’t it wonderful when the work is not exhausting, but on the contrary gives strength for new achievements? When Feng Shui desktop is favorable, it surely will provide the best productivity and help you achieve much greater success in your career!