How to arrange the garden according to Feng ShuiFeng Shui-the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with the environment. In the East it is practiced by more than 5 thousand years. The Chinese believed that if you live in harmony with nature, then life will be long and happy. Equipping the space around them according to the laws of Feng Shui, we attract peace and prosperity in his family.

Feng Shui is traditionally used in the house and in the garden.

Qi energy in Feng Shui

The Central concept of the philosophy of Feng Shui is Qi. It is the energy of Life, the carrier of abundance and happiness. Lovely garden itself is the source of Qi energy.

The Chinese gave great importance to the peculiarities of the garden landscape, evaluating them, in what condition there Qi. The asymmetrical shape of the plot, dried, rotting plants, the curve shape of trees, many insects in the territory was considered a sign of dominance in this place of negative energy. Accordingly symmetrical areas with lush and healthy vegetation, home to birds, lizards and frogs, the Chinese recognized favorable for the construction of the house and garden, because there are a lot of Qi energy.

Directions in Feng Shui

Furnishing your garden according to the laws of Feng Shui, it is important to arm yourself with a compass. Because in Feng Shui, each side of light has its symbolic meaning and its elements or its dominant element.

East – health and family – tree

South East – wealth – tree

South – fame and position in society – fire

South West – marriage and love – land

The West – children and art – metal

Northwest – travel – metal

North – pit – water

Northeast – knowledge and learning – earth

Center – welfare – earth

If some of these aspects in your life is not in order, the master of Feng Shui promised to rectify the situation, if you activate and bring into harmony the corresponding area in the house or in the garden.

A bed of blooming roses or peonies, ceramic figurines pair of cranes, bird feeder, garden lantern on the southwest side of the site activate the Qi energy and bring love and joy in family relationships.

To activate the element of fire to raise the profile of its owner in the society can, if placed in the South of the site a camp stove, grill or barbecue. Equally effective would be a bed of sunflowers.

In the East and Southeast, to improve health and financial well-being of the family, well to plant evergreen trees and shrubs, to arrange a wooden gazebo or sitting area with wicker furniture.

In the West and North-West of garden of the master of Feng Shui suggest that you hang the swing frame and metal bells. Bells actually one of the most popular in Feng Shui items, attracting Chi.

In order to achieve success in career development, it is important to activate the element of water in the North side of the garden. Ideal – to establish there a small fountain or make an artificial stream. Importantly, there has to be a continuous circulation of water, which is not to stagnate as a career.

Properly equip the space of your garden according to the laws of Feng Shui will help 10 important rules.

1. The house must be located in the center of the site, preferably facing the South.

2. In front of the house is better to arrange the open lawn or a lawn that Qi could enter the house without obstruction.

3. In the garden of Yin and Yang (feminine and masculine energies) must be in balance. The flat landscape of the site means that the dominant energy is Yin. Trees and stones bring Yang energy, thus allowing you to balance the energies in the garden.

4. The path in the garden should do the winding. Thus, it will warn the house and the garden from the entry of evil spirits. The ancient Chinese believed that the spirits could only travel in a straight line. Hence it is a tradition to build the famous humpback bridges in the garden.

5. In Feng Shui is considered the most favorable to plant trees behind the house, thereby protecting it from cold winds (if it’s North side). Modern masters of Feng Shui say that trees are good in any garden side, the main thing is not to plant them too close to home.

6. Located near the high line garden, highway, cemetery, sharp angles of the neighboring houses carry negative energy. And the best corrective means of such energy are the same trees that can hide all the unwanted and negative, filling the space with life-giving energy.

7. Should immediately get rid of the trash in the garden, as well as from the sick and dead trees and plants, since they is destructive energy, which may adversely affect the health and wellbeing of family members. The plants in the garden must be healthy!

8. The irregular shape of plot – triangular, T-shaped, l-shaped – considered adverse from the point of view of Feng Shui. You can symbolically amend or Supplement its irregular shape to a square or rectangle with bushes or trees.

9. Good garden lighting will ensure the flow of Qi energy. Especially important light entrance doors and gates. Masters of Feng Shui recommend you to install garden lights there.

10. Of special significance in Feng Shui are the flavors. Fragrant bushes of Jasmine and lilac, fragrant grass, flower beds with flowers of peony, Gardenia, lavender create positive energy garden.

Thus, creating around himself a favorable harmonious environment, we gain harmony in the soul, cease to expend energy to overcome the negative impacts, and disclose your abilities, which previously had not been suspected.