Furnishing your houseFurnishing your house, we always pay attention to the bathroom or the bedroom. But any good mother and housewife knows: the heart of the home – the kitchen. And here the most important: provide all necessary and proceed to the improvement of skills.

First you need to determine a working area of the premises and to choose a good sink for the kitchen. If you don’t know which option may be best, try to stick to a certain list of requirements when it is selected. The sink should be not only roomy, but also to withstand the high temperatures and the impact of various household chemicals. As for the material, which will be made of the sink, it is all depends on your taste and wishes. Let’s look at the most well-known choices.

Stainless steel sinks are the most popular solution today. They are strikingly different from their predecessors of the last century in quality and characteristics. A good wash with stainless steel contains chromium and Nickel, which gives it Shine and protects against corrosion. However, it is quite noisy. But here, the manufacturer may offer you the decision to choose a sink with a thicker layer of steel absorber and soft materials under the bowl. If you doubt the quality of washing, try a little experiment when buying. Spend a small magnet on the surface of the sink. If it is made of high quality stainless steel – a magnet will slide.

The second option would be a ceramic sink . It is unpretentious to handle and provides demolishes all surface damage. On it, you can safely set a hot pan or pot. It is easy to clean and has a special coating. But there is a minus – ceramic sink is very heavy and quite sensitive to shocks.

A third option is the sink made of artificial stone . In this case you have to spend, because the price of such sink is high enough. But she makes up for this disadvantage beyond measure due to their qualitative characteristics. First, these sinks are environmentally friendly, and secondly, easy to clean and can withstand temperatures up to +280 degrees. Everything else – tolerate any kind of chemistry and absorb the sound of running water.

Before you make your choice, we suggest you to look through the prices for which in turn depends on several factors. It is: material, size, number of bowls, non-standard finishes and, of course, the brand. After analyzing several stores plumbing, we have compiled, let common, but the list price represented sinks. So, the biggest range of prices for stainless steel sinks. Their cost ranges from 800 roubles for economy class, the middle level from 2 to 5 thousand rubles – a good combination of price and quality, to 90 thousand rubles – Luxury models.

Sinks made of artificial stone are more expensive. Then pricing starts with a mark of 7 thousand rubles and goes into the price category of the more popular models cost from 9 to 30 thousand rubles. As for ceramic sinks, then the minimum price is 7.5 thousand rubles and increases to 35 thousand rubles. Referring to brands it should be noted that the greatest popularity in Russia has acquired sinks are European manufacturers – Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands.

Choose a kitchen set.

First, you need to pay attention to the lower cabinets. They must be on legs, as it gives the possibility to adjust the height level of the headset. And secondly, it will protect your kitchen from such trifles as the flood.

When choosing countertops pay attention to its size. It is desirable that it was solid in the length of the entire headset. It is made may be of stainless steel and laminated MDF, natural stone, decorative Board or tempered glass. Today’s most popular countertops of high-tech material – Corian, which is based on acrylic resin. This countertop is very durable, chemical resistant and completely non-toxic. If you choose marble or granite, we want to warn you that he and other material sufficiently sensitive to acids; very fragile and can crack from the impact.

If you choose a corner kitchen, then you need to efficiently handle the additional seams. To protect them from deformation use a special “ties”. When choosing the material for countertops you can choose natural, synthetic or artificial materials. In this case you should remember that granite is a durable, marble is heat resistant, but has a porous structure and, therefore, spots are often formed from the trapped surface products.

Synthetic stones are in no way inferior to their natural counterparts. They are based on sand, quartz. glass fibers and strong bonding. It is lighter than natural stone, is easy to shape and heat-resistant. Considering the factor of functionality,good food, a necessary condition is the condition in which all works are passing on it is minimized. Specially for this purpose there is a huge variety of built-in appliances, drawers. containers and stuff.

How to choose the right range hood for your kitchen?

There are several varieties of kitchen hoods. This is a corner, extractor chimney type . island, recessed and free installation. In the first case – corner hoods can be used for small kitchens, thanks to what are the most popular. The second kind – island hoods are designed for normal kitchens where the stove is far away from the wall and is located on a remote module. These hoods are fixed to the ceiling. They are quite expensive and require a large consumption of steel. However, equipped with a remote control and have more power. Hoods fireplace type widely spread in our country. This is a classic model with a frame wooden slats. They are mounted above the stove on the wall.

There are hoods that are mounted in the Cabinet – the so-called embedded . They, in turn, are divided into two types – polnovstraivaemye and with the sliding panel . In the case of the second option the hood is pushed only when working with the stove. These hoods are inexpensive and quite neat in its design. But they do not cover the entire surface of the plate and therefore ineffective.

Air cleaners or hoods free installation is usually placed between cabinets. They are separate kitchen module. Their cost is not high, but the appearance will be pleased with its design. There is only one minus – low power and high noise level.

Choosing the right hood for kitchen, based on the basic requirements: power,safety and quiet operation. The output of the unit can be determined by using simple arithmetic. It is enough to multiply the amount of food for 10 and you will receive the minimum power required to extrude in this room. Do not forget about the usability of the hood. You can choose a hood with a sliding-mode use, the mechanical keypad, electronic sliding contact or opt for models with remote control.