How original to set up your home - interior courses If you are interested in arranging your own house, then he should read these little tips and pay attention to the courses of interior. to help turn ideas into a real project of the interior.

In his life, every man at least once in your life, be sure to perform some repairs, perhaps it will be a decoration of personal space. Performing such repairs, he doesn’t think at is very simple, but extremely important factors, which ensure the comfort in the house.

If it’s the moment when your apartment is “requested” update, then you certainly need to know three simple rules.

First of all, it is important to show their individuality. This can manifest anywhere: for example in the color palette of the rooms or in the articles describing your hobby. You can show off your work, decorating the walls with embroidery, decorated frames. On the walls you can put various diplomas and things that are dear and pleasant to your heart, and you can decorate the walls with different pictures.

The second rule relates to the use of improvised means. This will be the key to a beautiful home in the most trivial. For example, particularly items placed new set, effectively made the decoration with the use of small stones and shells. Special charm will bring into your house with artificial flowers.

A very important rule is cleanliness. Cozy and warm always in the house, where there is always order and cleanliness.

French ceilings

It just so happened, the surface of the ceiling must be white, it must be clean, completely smooth and without rough edges.

Through the use of the newest building materials, developed lots of methods of alignment of the ceiling. Today, the design is almost limitless. To fantasize, best French stretch ceiling, which has many positive qualities.

What is called stretch ceiling?

This is a great sheet made of polyvinyl chloride film, on which there are stripes. These strips cut according to the characteristics and dimensions of the room. Fabric, has a small thickness is 0.18 cm The apartment which is quite low ceilings, stretch ceilings is given maximum finishing option.

At first glance, one gets the impression that the design of suspended ceilings has no special difficulties, however, only professional, highly qualified and can solve all issues related to installing and pattern canvases.

PVC fabric, refers to the durable materials that can serve long enough. Today developed a large number and wide range of suspended ceilings that match any color and taste.