Camping: what foods to take and how to set up your campDid you know that guests can not only in the five-star hotel room. This is possible even in a tent. How to relax inexperienced tourists?

First of all, consider the list of things and recreational products.

Products are calculated based on the number of tourists and vacation days. Be sure to check the expiration date! It is best to take cereals, potatoes, vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, onions). The greens are not stored more than two days.

From meat products is well kept stewed pork, beef, chicken; cured sausage, Mahan, etc. canned fish; dried fish. If you love fishing – you will catch a little flour.

From sweet suit fruits: apples, ground with sugar and currants or raspberries, as well as condensed milk, honey, nuts, melted into jars chocolate and more. You can take dried fruits.

Don’t forget tea, coffee, sugar, salt, sunflower oil.

If near the place of your rest, no drinking water, it is better to bring in 5-10 liter plastic bottles. The average person in day out 15 litres of water based soups, cereals, etc.

Personal belongings of each individual chooses. Common sense really. The most comfortable clothing for outdoor activities – sports. Shorts, tracksuit, t-shirts, flip-flops. Someone wears the usual jeans. You should bring a set of dry clothes additionally in case of bad weather, rain protection, hats, and, of course, swimwear.

Don’t forget toothbrushes, toothpaste, cream + sunblock, and loved the razor and shaving foam.

The arrangement of the camp – this is an important point, which has a few tricks.

Your holiday destination should not be visible from the road; the entrance is easy and convenient and no more limp in case of rain. Better if the bivouac will be above the road, because you can climb down on the sodden path. In gullies, ravines and gorges alluring looks smooth and clean bottom dry riverbeds rain streams — they give a sandy-gravelly sediments. After heavy rains through these channels can drive a powerful mud-stone flow — SEL that is able to displace even a truck, but because only sit on the grass! Usually recommend to break camp at sources of water and where there is firewood.

Tents, if it is not one that should be put in a circle, outputs towards each other, leaving a place for the installation of the tent.

“Sink” to place near the tents, but not at the entrance to your home.

Tavern best to dig inside, in the corner of the tent from the sun and will protect, and children will not get into it.

Still good to cover cellar boards and a piece of foam, and before you put in the food, pour a bucket of water from rivers or lakes. When the water is absorbed, the cellar will be colder. It can be spread with oilcloth, so that the products are not dirty in the sand.

That’s all the stages of the arrangement of the camp in which you can relax with the whole family, enjoy the sun, listen to the silence and the singing of birds, and finally just relax.