How to arrange children's roomEven if your child does not have a separate room, you should try to have in the apartment certainly was a place where the child could be alone, a place to which he came to be in his room. Knowledge of the child that he has not just a house, but my place in it, it is very important for any age.

Children deprived of a space, in the future may suffer a complex of uselessness, to feel superfluous, in the end, growing up, such children may overly react against his home, his space, not wanting to admit to it no one else (in his childhood he was deprived of “his corner”, and now suddenly taken away?). In General, even if you have a small apartment and don’t have the opportunity to make the child a separate room, try to find on of these small square meters of space and equip it currently space for your baby with nursery furniture and signs everything related to childhood, playing.

How to equip a nursery?

This question is not idle. Arrangement baby room, as the apartment in General is not an easy task, because everything must be not only beautiful but also functional. But in relation to a child’s room item associated with functionality, is dominant.

To begin to determine the number of square metres you are willing to dedicate the children’s space and only then proceed to a meaningful selection of furniture.

If you have enough, you’re in luck and you can not limit yourself. For example, you can order multifunctional baby set, which includes the bed and a wardrobe, and a table for drawing, writing, lessons. If space is limited, choosing a bed, prefer the one in which functionally filled a niche under the bed, that is, for example, has a drawer for linen. For families with two or more children the best choice is the bunk bed.

If drawers for clothes under the bed no, you can use this space to good use, buying plastic containers whose size allows them to be placed under the bed. In such containers can be folded not only toys, but also children’s clothes.

If you can’t animate the nursery, put on a cheerful Wallpaper, just buy the stickers that are stuck to the double sided tape to the wall. Select themed stickers, appropriate sex and age of the child. They can be purchased at office supply store or hardware store.

Do not forget about different suspension design, which can be folded balls and other stuff. The section should be lightweight, made of mesh or fabric that the child, pulling the section itself, not unleashed on something massive, wooden.

As to the basket for toys, it is better to choose a rack with plastic containers, which will help sort toys. Stick it on the box or boxes (if it comes to drawers or shelves) corresponding to the content of the image and the child will soon become accustomed to the procedure.

Also don’t forget all the nice touches that give the room comfort. This is especially true in cases where in one room you have to place several functionally different zones. Now, for zone-living room perfect Oriental wooden statues In the Eastern culture you can find a lot of symbolic figures, which are embodied in the tree in the form of extraordinarily beautiful figurines. Creating such masterpieces out of wood, master it’s charging them with positive energy. And then these gifts bring luck to others. Choose a beautiful wooden figurines are handmade, you can visit our online store. All presented figures from Eastern culture created entirely by hand. These exclusive items will be a wonderful gift for a person of any social status. And they will definitely bring luck to anyone who embellish these figurines your home.

If the room several areas, separate children’s area rug with the image toon, trains or rug-puzzle.

As you can see, in order to properly equip the nursery even in a small space, need not be much – love and desire.

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