How snug to build a house in the cottageEveryone strive to live in a cozy corner, where he can relax mentally and physically. Your own home always allows a person to Express their individuality, whether it’s housing in the city or in the village.

Magnificent homes of various design projects offers gated Prince of the Lake .

Home improvement

For the comfort and convenience you need to remember some important points.

The most effective solution you should consider the style of “casual” because it is suitable for people of all ages and different preferences. This style is characterized by practicality, natural materials, soft colours and aristocratic simplicity.

For recommended kitchen corner furniture arrangement, multiple light sources. Walls and floors should have a cover that is easy to keep clean.

Children’s room should be warm, what can I use Underfloor heating. Coating the walls and the ceiling is made from environmentally friendly materials. The design may be different, taking into account the wishes of the child and the parent.

In the hallway is better to allocate space for clothing and footwear household, and also separately for guests.

Preferably the location of the bathroom closest to the kitchen in order to save the length of the pipe.

A few mistakes in the construction and arrangement of houses in the cottage

If you wish to create your cozy corner in the lap of nature, many resolved to build a house. There are several typical mistakes, acquaintance with which will help to avoid them.

If improperly waterproofing may receive constant humidity in the house that will soon lead to the development of the fungus.

Incorrect calculation of window and door openings can cause drafts.

Mistakes in installation roof cause the structure to tremble in the wind.

It is worth considering the heating system in the house, since the electric version is pretty expensive.

Cottage settlement is an excellent option for the construction or acquisition of housing, because it has all the necessary conditions for a pleasant stay.

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